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European blue sneakers for boys with flat feet

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Korsak Blue

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  • European sneakers for boys with flat feet
    Great blue leather shoes for a boy.
    Weak ankles best with proper heel support that will not bend in the back and support child foot.
    All shoes manufactured in Europe have that heel added since that is a standard for orthopedic support.
    Profiled soles with good arches and none sweat soles.
    Shoes child wears are very important at any stage of child's life.
    They form, shape, mold child's feet and support entire posture.
    Just imagine if the shoes have no support, no back support, no arches.
    Guess what - ankles and feet are collapsing and whole body gait shifts.
    Cheap shoes with zero support causing all the feet issues that child might have.
    Every foot doctor and pediatrician will tell you that in Europe.
    Since once feet collapse it is a long process to restore the feet and see some improvement.
    We Europeans never let any child to get to that point and we simply do not buy low quality shoes
    Don't think of shoes as shoes and cheap is the best.
    Absolutely not, good shoes cost money since quality of materials used and how they manufactured is a key here.
    We Europeans search for absolute best shoes we can find.
    It is not about designer shoes (they do make them in Europe)
    But quality, fit and support and origin (made in Europe only) is a key here.

    Weak ankles best with proper heel support

    Blue leather orthopedic sneakers kids


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    M.C - Buffalo Grove 2016-03-07 22:41:13

    This place was like a zoo or something....we waited 30 minutes but went for breakfast next door. My wife only buys shoes from that store since they have the best shoes and know what they are selling. All made in Europe best quality and all. I drive from Buffalo Grove every 6 months but it is worth it. No child of mine has deformed feet. Americans buy only cheap shoes for their kids since they try to save the money. Save the money on something else - kids need well formed feet since they use them all their lives and their posture is effected. I am a guy and I even know that, however in Europe we think differently..... We care that we look good, have straight feet, walk, posture, and have quality clothes at all times. Americans spent on restaurants since they do not cook. We cook food at home but go out a lot and dress up.We also want our women to look good with great legs and have straight feet and posture. You cannot have that with $10 shoes worn as a kid. Sooner or later the effect will show on child's feet...Sorry....