Wide width closed heel girls white sandals

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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Rokia White

Super quality white ankle high sandals for a child with pronation.
Supportive orthopedic for pronation, supination or pigeon toe walking.
Sturdy, high with reinforced ankle support that is needed to align the feet into correct position.
Orthopedic good arch with ankle support for toddlers and older children.
White and beige leather decorated with flowers.
Perfect for kids with wide/high instep feet.
Arches like inflated pillows, nothing better then those sandals.
Those are true ortho sandals for child corrective for weak ankles and pronation issues.
Europe only produces quality sandals as those as they do not produce low quality shoes at all.
There is no shoes made in low cost countries as they destroy kids feet, every parent knows that in Europe.
No shoes from China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Morocco or some other low cost country is allowed for sale.
Quality shoes only since they are considered developmental product for every child.
Child need to have best shoes or sandals on their feet 24/7.
Cheap sandals will collapse your child's feet and pronation and pigeon toe will develop.
Avoid open heel shoes, cheap plastic shoes flip flops or any footwear from China in general.
Any brand sold in USA is none orthopedic, cheap and has zero quality.
That is why so many children have orthopedic issues here in USA since they shoes that are sold are such low quality.
Low quality sandals and shoes will destroy child's feet and body gait as well.
Shoes form and support kids feet so that is why it is very important that they wear best shoes with orthopedic support only.
Do not rotate them with low quality shoes as you never see any improvement.
2 pairs of good shoes per season are needed to achieve good orthopedic support and see a clear improvement in child's feet. 

Please Note: the soles on those sandals run big so order size smaller.

Supportive orthopedic for pronation or supination

Orthopedic good arch with ankle support for toddlers


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