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Leather sandals for pigeon toed child, orthopedic with heel support aligning ankles in proper position. Closed back support for stable walk and ankle support. Orthopedic best made out of white leather.

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Keytan White

Leather sandals for pigeon toed child

Leather sandals for pigeon toed child
Closed heel, ankle high with reinforced ankle support.
Effective for pigeon toe, ankle pronation in girls.
Closed back keeps the foot reinforced and aligned in a packet and prevents it from pronation.
Orthopedic arches are present in a soles and contoured into the soles.
Rubber sole never goes flat thus support stays at all times in that super sandal.
None sweat soles present so no sweaty feet in those super sandals ever.
Leather high arch sandals for a girl that needs ankle support.
Hand made in Europe.
Made out of the best quality white leather.
Decorated with white flower.
Closed heel for pronation and ankle support.
Over time they will adjust weak ankles.
Flat foot preventive with ortho arches present.
Arches are in the soles of the sandal - modern technology since 1990
Sandal and soles come from Europe - not China.
China does not know what orthopedic shoe even is so how they can produce anything of quality.
Ortho sandals come from Europe.
Labor intensive process thus the price. 

Leather white girls sandals

European white sandals for girls


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