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Kids soft leather ankle ortho boots

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  • Kids soft leather boots
    Orthopedic best for kids with orthopedic problems.
    Did you know that all orthopedic problems kids display are result of cheap shoes with no support.
    It is medical fact that can be confirmed by every foot doctor in Europe.
    Why do you think kids in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Holland, Greece wear only best supportive shoes?
    The reason is they correctly form and shape kids feet and provide optimal support.
    Why do you think we have no shoes from China made out of plastic, rubber or fake leather with zero support?
    And on top of that we are relatively poor nations?
    The reason is shoes form and shape kids feet and child will avoid all orthopedic problems with those shoes.
    They also provide proper support to restore kids feet if they are pronated, pigeon toed with supination and pronation.
    They have arches, heel support and none sweat soles.
    We would never pay for those shoes in Europe just for appearance sake, never.
    If they had no orthopedic value what will be the point then?
    $100 shoes for a child for appearance?
    Not in Europe since we are resonable people and if no need for product and they are not quality we would never spent that kind of money.
    Search online for statistics on pigeon toes, pronation, supination in Europe.
    We literally have none - no kids with deformed feet.
    Reason is the shoes are top quality and they do the job.
    Also, our doctors do not profit on making orthodics for kids.
    Orthodics will never restore your kids feet, only create some improvement.
    Good shoes with proper support is a key here.

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