Leather girls sandals with for ankle pronation high arches

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Kesa Gray

Leather girls sandals with high arches.
Leather orthopedic with good ankle support.

They are perfect against ankle pronation and collapsed ankles due to reinforced heel.
When child is walking in them ankle stays in a packet and that what is needed for extra support.
Those sandals are padded so no blisters in them ever, ultra comfortable as they should be for a child.
Made out of gray natural leather.
Lovely neutral color leather that will match anything
Profiled soles, good ankle support, soft soles
Podiatrist suggested for proper girls feet alignment and support.
Tested in ultra hot weather and feet will never sweat in them.
Have special ultra smell preventive soles, so no smelly feet in them ever.
True ortho sandals for a child.
Pigeon toe preventive, flat feet best,
Podiatrist suggested sandals for a child.
Only kind that children wear in Europe and none have deformed feet since shoes are made properly and form their feet.

High top ankle support sandals for kids

Podiatrist suggested for girls


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