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Pink sporty closed heel sandals for kids for Summer

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Pomarancz Fuschia

  • SKU: 4578451258
  • Pink sporty sandals for kids for Summer.
    European made with best orthopedic support present.
    Feet will not collapse in those due to special heel support.
    Pronation preventive and corrective sandals for girls
    Made with fuchsia and pink leather

    This sole is flexible and has profiled soles.

    Pink sporty sandals for kids for Summer
    Arches present and none sweat soles
    Child will never swear perspire in them ever due to tho soles.
    Tested in crazy heat and ultra humid weather.
    Truly quality sandal that every child should wear.
    Avoid cheap smelly sandals in general - they are garbage and it is hurting kids feet.
    They deform the arches, ankle support, child' posture.
    In Europe there is a saying -
    The type of shoes you wear as child that is how your feet will develop.
    Meaning if cheap junk shoes worn as a child then they end up with flat feet, pigeon toes, ankle pronation for sure.
    Whole body gait and posture is affected by shoes.
    Therefore avoid garbage shoes from Chin a in general.
    Trust us - those shoes cost pretty penny in Europe as well since labor cost money in Europe.
    However we are used to it - you want to have well formed feet and good posture - spent money on kids shoes.
    2 pairs of good shoes per season is needed that is all.

    Good quality leather with high arch support

    Heel support best kids sandals


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