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Podiatric ankle sandals for girls with good arches

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Kesa Pink

  • SKU: 66-789521454
  • Podiatric sandals for kids
    Closed heel sturdy protected ankle for proper foot alignment.
    Arches present in the soles of the model
    No blisters in those sandals or smelly sticky feet.
    Tested in ultra humid weather and they will not cause any issues.
    Type of a sandal that kids wear in Europe for support and correct foot development.
    You know that Crocks, Keens, plastic shoes, cheap sandals with zero support deform your kids foot
    Sandals produced in China are the worst kind for your daughter.
    We Europeans think of footwear as development tool for our children's feet and posture.
    It has nothing to do with fashion.
    If it is not orthopedic - we do not buy it.
    Especially we would never buy chinese made sandal with no support.
    Child wears such garbage just 6 months and you notice ankles calving in,
    It is from the garbage shoes nothing else.
    Shoes is something we pay money for in Europe
    They affect your posture and feet entire life so why be cheap on such important product?
    Footwear in Europe cost money since labor cost money but we consider that money well spent.
    Only Europe produces best sandals for kids with correct support.

    Closed back great arch support kids sandals

    Flat foot best orthopedic sandals girls


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