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Sandals for kids made with natural yellow leather

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Brands Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

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  • Sandals for kids made with natural leather
    Stylish girls sandals straight from Europe.
    Made out of yellow smooth leather.
    Decorated with flowers/heart.
    Made in Spain by Prada.
    None sweat soles in those sandals.

    Good arches sandals

    Fun sandals for girls for narrow feet
    Ok to wear for regural width feet as well.
    They adjust well on the instep.
    White leather and decorated with heart.
    Orto arches present and none sweat soles.
    Great sole for walking and running.
    Superb sandals for child from Spain.
    Europe makes best quality sandals for kids since they are all ortho.
    Foot is supported to maximum and correctly formed.
    Do not wear shoes from China as they destroy kids feet.
    Over time you notice ankles collapsing and flat feet develops, or pigeon toes.
    It is caused by junk shoes with no profiled soles.
    Europe puts the time into shoes they make and how they are masured.
    Every brand co-works with orthopedic specialist to make them.
    It is not about designs only, quality and what they actually do to kids feet.

    Flexible rubber sole for comfort

    Orthopedic best sandals for a child


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