Closed Toe Orthopedic Sandals for Kids

Closed toe orthopedic sandals for kids offered in wide range of sizes and styles for baby toddler and teenage girls. High top sandals for toddlers and baby sandals for weak ankles with closed backs designed to correct orthopedic problems such as foot pronation, supination, bow legs and metatarsus adductus in girls of all ages. Podiatrist recommended shoes for kids with closed heel for weak foot muscles and good arch support sandals for kids. Best leather baby sandals for learning to walk, good balance, stability and foot support. They are the best sandals for one year old when supportive well made shoes are needed. Offered on hard bottom soles for infants learning to stand and walk. Thomas Heel sole is used to reinforce the sandal even further and it is used when child pronates. Usually toddlers sandals with high instep and wide feet walk in them well. Those with narrow feet need different models since the sole is just to wide for them. We offer sandals on various soles as well from many manufacturers. Spanish or French brands usually offer toddlers sandals with narrow feet with narrow soles so they fit perfectly. Idea is to find a sandal that fit well and it is not too big nor too small. There have to be 1/2 inch of growing room left so they can last entire season. European orthopedic kids sandals are simply the best for growing and developing body and posture. They also cure and restore orthopedic problems that toddlers have by wearing cheap sandals with no support. Tall ankle supportive sandals are especially effective sandals for toe walkers since they stabilize, posture and align legs into proper position. Closed back ankle sandals are imported from Europe and not China. European made sandals form kids posture, body gait and healthy support foot development. Well formed legs is the base of good posture. Therefore, Europeans never place junk none-orthopedic shoes on their children. Why, because it is a health hazard. Shoes form and support kids feet therefore they have to be well made and provide optimal support for small developing feet. You can also buy genuine European teen girls sandals offered in big sizes in variety of styles and widths.

Arch support sandals for kids and teen girls

Toddler girl sandals for narrow or wide feet with high instep

Hoksta Fuschia

Girls orthopedic walking sandalsFlat foot ankle support best sandals for older girls. Made out of fuchsia/purple leather with hint of white.Fully adjustable s..

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Iga Silver

Corrective fix best girls sandals with good arches.Orthopedic high arch walking sandals for a childGreat fit for girls with narrow feet. They could be easily ..

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Itaca Fuschia

Tall ankle sandals girlsAnkle high best for weak ankles, pigeon toe and flat feet.Ortho tall ankle sandal all in one for girls.Type of a ankle girls sandal th..

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Itaca White

Knocked knees support girls sandalsSturdy, supportive and will not bend in the back when girls are walking. Best for right or left ankle turning inwards and k..

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Jackie Lavender

Orthopedic t-strap or sandals for babyEuropean made with good arch support. Quality high top sandals for a new walkersMade in France out of quality leather. T..

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Janeta Silver

Posture corrective girls sandals for child with ankle pronationTip toe walking preventive leather shoes for girls.Beautiful dress shoes for a child.European m..

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