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Ankle high closed back pronation sandals for kids

Pigeon toe corrective ankle support sandals

Pronation fix sandals with arches for kids and babies

Closed back ankle support pronation preventive sandals for babies, toddlers and kids with best heel support. Closed back orthopedic arches present. Best for pigeon toes, flat feet, weak ankles, supination, pronation. Best closed toe and ankle high styles with supportive heel to correct orthopedic problems such as ankle pronation and pigeon toes. Orthopedic doctor recommended closed back weak ankle preventive sandals for children with proper orthopedic support, arches, none smell soles, and made out of best leathers. Best start up walking ankle orthopedic sandals for proper balance, ankle support, stability and foot support for children. Best closed back ankle sandals to correct and fix weak ankles, pigeon toes, and ankle pronation in kids of all ages. Offered on hard bottom soles for infants and babies learning to stand and walk. Sole on those sandals is sturdy, supportive and on many models there is Thomas Heel sole. Thomas heel sole is used to reinforce the sandal even further and it is used when child pronates. Usually children with wide feet and high instep walk in them well. Those with narrow feet need different models since the sole is just to wide for them. We offer sandals on narrow soles as well from many manufacturers. Spanish or French shoes usually offer sandals for kids with narrow soles so they fit perfectly. Idea is to find a sandal that fit well and it is not too big nor too small. There have to be 1/2 inch of growing room left so they can last entire season. European sandals are simply the best for growing and developing feet. They also cure and restore orthopedic problems that children have by wearing cheap shoes with no support. Ankle sandals stabilize, form and support kids feet and posture and align kids feet into proper position. Closed back ankle sandals are best for small growing and developing feet. All imported from Europe and not made in China.
Jomer Blue - Custom Orthodics Sandals for Kids

Custom orthodics sandals for kidsHigh top walking high top sandals for toddlers. Sandals were measured for best width, heel support and perfectly fitting kids..

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Jomer Jeans - Durable Kids Sandals

Durable kids sandalsGood leather arch support sandals for boys that are durable.Heel support for comfort in walking and preventive for many feet problemsOrtho..

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Jomer Navy - Corrective Medical Sandals for Boys

Corrective medical sandals for boys with good arches.Ankle supportive best sandals for boys from Europe.  Leather orthopedic best ankle support for kids...

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Jovana Silver - Teen Silver Leather Sandals with Arches

Teen silver leather sandals with good arch support  Look lovely on girls feet, one of a kind manufactured in Spain. Best for regural to wide feet since t..

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Jozia White - Baby Deer White High Tops from Falcotto

Adorable baby deer white patent leather shoes for a babyQuality walkers that will match just about anything since they are white and lovely. Soft white patent..

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Judas Blue - Child Foot Pain Arch Best Shoes

Child foot pain arch best shoesYes, ortho support inside will relive any foot pain.Best first walker shoes for kids designed to form and correct toddler feet ..

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Julia Gold - Falcotto Baby Closed Toe Sandals

Falcotto baby closed toe sandalsBaby shoes with high back support Made out of gold leather decorated with colorful strapsGold and rainbow extravaganza. Pronat..

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Jupa Beige - Foot Supination High Top Baby Shoes

Foot supination high top baby shoesSupination ankles go outwards, inwards pronation. Those shoes are super for both conditions since they ankle supportive. Re..

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Jupa Pink - Fallen Arches Orthopedic Shoes for Girls

Fallen arches orthopedic shoes for girlsOrthopedic ankle supportive baby Spring or Summer shoes. Great ankle support that is needed for pronation and ankle al..

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Jupa Turquoise - Dress Sadnals for Small Baby

Dress ankle ortho sandals for babyBest new walkers for a toddler learning to walk and standAnkle high best for pronation with reinforced ankle support for a t..

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Kalana White - Closed Back Baby New Walking Sandal

Great sandals for a baby with good ankle support. Perfect baby sandals best for learning to walk, stand and take first steps. They are white in color and deco..

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Kameleon Beige - High Arch Supportive Leather Sandals for Kids

High arch supportive leather sandals for kids.Good fit sandals for boys with regular to wide feetMade out of beige and dark brown smooth and nubuck leather.Th..

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