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White sneakers for girls with good arch

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Manufacturer Naturino

Product Code: Cherry White

  • SKU: 0012014740 09 1N39
  • White sporty fashion European sneakers for girls.
    Great leather with proper orthopedic arches present,
    Ankle supportive best with reinforced heel that every child needs.
    Cool style made with burgundy, red leather and has fashionable plead on them.
    Closes with zipper and laces optional.
    Ankle turning in best leather shoes for girls with reinforced heel for great ankle support.

    High arch pronation best kids shoes
    Sturdy leather back with reinforced heel
    Could be worn with no socks since they absorb sweat very well
    Acti-fresh soles inside to prevent smelly feet.
    This is a type of shoe that every child should wear to prevent any feet issues
    Kids in Europe grew up wearing those kind of shoes
    And they do not display any feet problems
    Shoes are top quality in Europe, orthopedic as those
    Every child wears them and ends up as an adult with well formed feet.
    Those are white leather with colorful metallic leather additions
    Made in Serbia by Naturino

    Orthopedic sneakers for child made in Europe

    None sweat soles for kids


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