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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Carla Purple

Purple leather soft girls sandals with ortho support

Teen walking orthopedic sandals with proper heel support.
Corrective with heel support for foot pronation.
Closed heel ankle supportive best for a girl.
Good support leather sandals for kids with high arches.
Sporty best for daily wear
Soft leather used no blisters ever.
Purple leather decorated with leather circles.
Arch and anti-sweat soles
Well made sandals for a child with best ortho arch.
Profiled soles since no flat sandals is ever produced in Europe.
The leather is soft and top quality in those sandals
We never had any children in the store telling us they do not like feel and fit of those sandals.

Corrective with heel support for foot pronation

High tops with best arches and orthopedic support


Leslie C. - 01/01/2020

Closed ankle and good foot support in them. Very happy for everyday wear. The feet do not smell in them either.

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