Tiptoeing stop kids house slippers for girls

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Brand: Kopecki

Product Code: Nevada Pink

Tiptoeing kids house slippers for girls.
Perfectly constructed to form and shape toddler feet and correct many feet problems.
Designed by an ortho doctor have been favorite of millions of mother in Europe.
Every baby in Europe has a version of that house shoe since many European shoe companies make them.
Feature of that walker is perfect supportive ankle with sturdy stiff back of the slipper
They design purposely like that to support baby's feet.
Has it absolute all - arches, none sweat soles cute design and total comfort for a toddler
Child can wear them outside in the summer, indoors in a winter
This little slipper is weightless, children take naps in them in a daycare since they feel like nothing in kids feet.
Material they are made out of is canvas.
Just imagine canvas with ankle support, amazing design.
We sell thousands of them every year, and parents always return to buy next pair.

Quality orthopedic house shoes for a baby

Good arch house shoes for kids


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