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Toddler good arch house slippers for optimal foot support

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Lali Navy

  • SKU: 78458525
  • Toddler house slippers
    Quality slippers for a toddler
    Adorable European slippers with hearts.
    Baby house shoes best to learn house to walk and stand.
    Slippers that have been designed by orthopedic doctor over a decade ago.
    Very popular in European countries and thousands of kids wear them
    Great house shoe or canvas with actual ortho support.
    Will support and form your baby's feet - try the we sell thousands of them every season.
    Parents always return to buy another size since they can see that children like them and they walk in them well
    Foot is supported to perfection by those little house walkers.

    Quality slippers for a toddler

    Support slippers girl with arches and ankle support


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