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Wide width boys shoes with wide instep
Long velcros for wide, wide feet boys.
European made with proper orthopedic support for kids.
They feature all orthopedic features like shoes for a child should have.
Proper arch, ankle support and none sweat soles.
Those are the shoes that every child should have so their feet will be formed correctly and supported.
Cheap shoes are made out of low grade leather with no support.
They deform and destroy kids feet causing many orthopedic problems.

No child is born with deformed, pronated feet!
Cheap shoes cause that deformation - nothing else.

USA imports low grade shoes from China and other low cost countries.
Shoes manufactured there are the worst kind and none of them are orthopedic.They offer zero support for growing feet.
Now, how does child should have normal feet when shoes they wearing are so cheaply made, not supportive.
Just think of rubber shoes, crocks or keens - is that supportive for a child?
How does they support ankles, joins, feet, posture?
Why do feet smell horribly in them?
Rubber is not a suitable material for any shoe production.
Shoes should be manufactured out of leather or canvas, no other material is suitable.
All kids orthopedic problems are caused by none supportive shoes.
No baby is born with pigeon toes or pronation, their feet are destroyed by garbage shoes
Therefore, invest in good shoes for a child with proper support.
Only 2 pairs of good shoes per season are needed for a child.This is what we do in Europe and out feet are perfect due to quality shoes every child does wear.

Tip toe shoes for a boy

None smell soles shoes for boys


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Margaret N from Portland 2012-07-09 23:42:51

Beautiful shoe for a child. My GOD they are great and total quality. Excellent arch inside, fantastic soft leather and design to die for. Those are truly European made - you can tell the minute you hold them in your hand. I bought many shoes from that store over the years and all the shoes have been wonderful quality. I only buy my kids shoes from you - year after year and my kid feet are nicely shaped, they walk straight and no posture problems of any kind. Thank you for offering such shoes in USA