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Ankles turning in best fix pink slippers

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Lornetka Pink

  • SKU: 66-7812458
  • Ankles turning in best fix house shoes
    High top ankles turning slippers for a baby with regural to wide feet
    Unique ortho European ankles turning support ankles turning slippers for baby girl.
    Has it all proper foot support for a young walker.
    Baby's feet are fully supported in those shoes so ankles turning in stops.
    Notice the back of the rubber sole it is higher then the entire sole
    Heel lies in a packet, making it stable and supportive so prevent ankle turning over time.
    Arches in the soles present and anti sweat soles since baby's feet sweat more then adults.
    Children love to wear them due to comfort and fit.
    Great addition to leather high top that is worn outside.
    Wear those ankles turning slippers and good supportive orthopedic ankle leather high tops.
    Wear them in a house and leather ankles turning shoes outside with good orthopedic support.
    Over time  they will align kids feet and improve ankles turning in and align kids feet over time.
    Ankles turning in children is a cause of wearing low quality shoes commonly worn by children in USA.
    All the shoes sold in department stores have zero support and are made in low cost countries out of low quality materials.
    They are not supportive at all and over time will deform toddler feet.
    Every child does need supportive shoes not just those with orthopedic problems and ankles turning in.

    High top slippers for a baby with wide feet

    Arch support kids house shoes.


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