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Boots designed to straighten kids feet

Pediatrician recommended boots for overpronation

Faras Red

Best arch support ankle boots for child with flat feetRegular to narrow with style.Visible arches inside added due to contoured sole and leather lining goes o..

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Fiki Gold

Pigeon toe corrective leather high top shoesOrthopedic with good ankle support and reinforced heel supportThose shoes will align and support kids feet and pos..

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Fiki Silver

Toddler tip toe walking corrective sneakers.They are like ankle sneakers high tops, sneakers for tip toe walkers and kids in general.They are called Baby deer..

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Fiodorek Rose

First step baby orthopedic sneakers for walkingBabies walk in them very well and balance the feet wellThey are light in weigh, ortho support inside.Quality sn..

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Size Child

Corrective European orthopedic boots for girls, best for ankle pronation, pigeon toes and tip toe walking. Manufactured in Europe out of best leathers with proper ankle and high arch winter boots. Quality boots designed to straighten feet and correctly shape and form little growing feet. Once child wears them the support inside straightens their feet and correct any feet problems. Therefore, it is best to buy 2 pairs per season for rotation and only switch between them to achieve best result. Those ankle boots will hit correct bones and muscles in toddlers feet and positive difference will be seen in short time. European children ankle support boots are recommended by pediatricians and foot doctor in Europe since medical studies have been done and positive results are always seen. They are simply the best boots for overpronation, toeing in, pigeon toes, bow legs and flat feet. Ankles turning inwards or toeing in is a cause of wearing low quality footwear as child without  orthopedic or ankle support. Lack of support causes kids feet to deform and over time clearly show those foot deformities. Only European footwear offers boots for new walkers with reinforced heel counter, arches and rubber great soles with good traction.

In Europe those boots are considered medical since they are
specialty boots for girls and every child wears them in Europe. They are offered as narrow boots for girls where the soles and instep of the boots is truly narrow and they are perfect for petite, slim little feet. They are also offered as wide and high instep boots that are set on wide soles. European kids boots do not compare to the quality of boots made in China since they are not orthopedic nor supportive. They will destroy and deform child's feet and posture over time causing orthopedic problems. Over time child feet turn inwards and toeing in develops over time due to those poorly constructed boots. It is important to mention that kids boots shape, form and support little feet so quality boots are a must from first steps to teen girls ankle boots. It is easy to correct orthopedic issues with good supportive footwear since quality and consistency is a key here. We encourage every parent to choose only best shoes for their children and consider it the best feet and posture investment.