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Girls leather gold sandals with good arch support

Gold leather sandals with excellent arch support
Actually sandals have orthopedic soles molded into interior of the sole.
This is the technology from 1990 that is widely used in Europe by every manufacturer.
When sole is molded to the foot that way never goes flat and arch support is there at all times supporting the foot.
Those are lovely girls sandals with profiled soles and good orthopedic arch
Great gold leather style and they look just lovely on girls feet
Designer style that has it all, look style and quality.
Close with side buckle.
Made in France out of best leather and best fit for any child.
Perfect sandal for older girl but still lovely gold
Total comfort sandals for kids from France.
Durable for child so they can be tormented entire season long.
Kids need sandals made out of leather with best orthopedic support
This is a sandal that every child does wear in Europe and they end up with well profiled feet and best posture.
Feet grow up to age 15 so support is needed since feet development takes place.
Avoid cheap shoes made out of rubber or cheap leather, they are the worst for kids feet
Local shoes in USA are all made in China out of lowest quality materials possible.
All they do is destroy and deform kids feet as they not supportive at all.
Shoes from China are the lowest quality ones you can buy and over time they cause orthopedic problems in children.

Flat feet best supportive girls sandals

Quality leather sandals from France for a child.


Violina - 09/03/2018

They are leather and orthopedic-what you need for healthy growth.

Tanya D from New Mexico - 01/03/2018

Love the gold leather, unique and they stand out on my daughter feet. Perfect style for older girl. 11th pair from you and every shoe we ever got was the best quality!

Danika Chatam - 24/02/2018

Nice, leather is great and they look lovely on. Had silver ones last year and my daughter loved them.

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