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Hard bottom shoes for toddlers
European red patent leather shoes for kids
Flower decorative.
Profiled ortho soles for walking and heel support.
Preventive for flat feet and weak ankles.
Will not sweat in those lovely shoes.
Anti-smell soles - absorbs the sweat from the shoes.
Not made in China - thus the price - we never sell or import chines shoes.
They deform kids feet - nothing else.
Thus kids in USA have so many feet problems.
Why? The shoes sold to general public in all the stores are low quality and not orthopedic.
The type of shoes child wears that is how their feet will develop.
If child wears low quality shoes she will end up with deformed feet and destroyed posture.
Later in life as an adult person the problem will show up even more.
Pain in the feet, pain in the knees, posture, the whole body gait shifts
No surgery exists to correct that issue so entire life of an adult person will be affected by the shoes they wear as a child.

European red shoes for kids

Red dress shoes for a girl for special occasion


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