Bow Legs and Knocked Knees Condition in Children | Corrective Footwear

Bowleg correction shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers for kids. Buy sneaker with stable, supportive, reinforced heel and good orthopedic arches present. Those European correction sneakers have it all. ABC of ortho support features for a child. Proper correction shoes for children, toddlers that will support and form baby's feet. Children with knocked knees or bowleg condition have often wide feet high instep therefore those shoes are truly wide and provide optimal support for feet, ankles, knees, and whole posture. Feet will never sweat in them even if worn barefoot. No blisters, no smelly feet, since they offer antibacterial, breathable innersoles. Made in Europe out of best leather. Proper correction shoes for every child since they need best foot support. Kids little feet are like jello you can form them correctly with best correction sneakers or deform them with junk shoes from China. Parent has a choice here either buy cheap none supportive shoes that with time will deform and destroy kids feet or invest in supportive shoes with best orthopedic arches and ankle support. European parents buy only best local correction sneakers made in Europe since they ultra important for foot and posture development. Besides footwear for kids is regulated by European Ministry of Pediatric so no cheap correction sneakers are even allowed for sale in any country. Shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need, not a fashion statement. When child wears supportive shoes as those to correct bowlegs over time ankles begun to align, knees straighten and feet develop correctly. Constant wear of good shoes is a key here with proper orthopedic support as kids feet are growing and forming up to age 14. There is no medical treatment, AFO, SMO that not will correct this condition, only well crated shoes with good support will align kids foot into correct position. The orthopedic shoes are the therapy and they correct kids feet over time. This strategy has been implemented in Europe since 1950 and it works very well and that is why quality shoes with proper support are considered medical need for every child not just those with feet problems.

Ankle high sturdy orthopedic footwear for bow legged kids

Medical shoes for a toddler with knocked knees

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