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Designer orthopedic shoes for baby and toddler girls from Italy. Quality fashion shoes for toddlers with high arches, orthopedic support, foot corrective for supination. Ankle high shoes for children supporting posture. Pink Apple is a brand from Italy that specializes in orthopedic best shoes for children of all ages. The shoes are like work of art and they are absolute best for children in general. They offer needed support for kids feet and posture. Baby's feet and body are supported by shoes they wear so quality shoes with best support are a must for young walkers. Invest in best shoes for your child since they are medical need, not a fashion statement in any way. Europeans only buy best orthopedic shoes for their children and kids end up with well formed feet and good posture. It is all related to quality shoes they are wearing. The shoes are soft, supportive and absolute best quality with proper ankle and heel support and arches present. They feature proper ankle support in the heel of the shoe that keep kids feet in a packet. The ankles stop turning will be protected and aligned at all times. Peace of leather is added to the back of the style to keep it stable. Even that this model appears to be lower in the back then standard ankle shoes. They do exact same thing to kids feet as tall ankle shoes. In Europe no shoe with zero support is ever produced. The shoes designed ankles turning stop are designed to support, form and correct kids feet and stop ankles turning inwards. Proper orthopedic ankles stop turning inwards shoes that is how they called in Europe. Every child wears them due to needed support for kids feet. They have to be supportive, orthopedic and fulfill orthopedic requirements. Shoes are very important for kids as they form and shape their feet. Posture, feet, gait are affected by shoes child wears.

Supination fix tall ankle shoes for a child from Italy

Orthopedic designer shoes for children with ankle support

Geria Pink

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Gilma Red

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Samra Pink

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