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Benton Navy

Ortopedia boots for kids with best support.Corrective ortopedia corrective boots only made in Europe.Ortopedia corrective boots of such caliber forming kids f..

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Bevor Gray

Extra wide and high instep kids boots High arch boots for kids with feet problemsPodiatrist shoe recommendation quality high topsMade out of gray,lime,orange ..

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Blay Gray

Teen boy sneakers with archWide width boys leather shoes with good archGray leather ankle supportive shoes for a boy from Europe.Sturdy ankle support for a bo..

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Bocla Black

Leather sneakers for kidsFlexible sole with good traction.Best boots for high instep childWeak pronated ankles boots for girlsBest support at the heel to keep..

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Buy wide feet baby shoes with high instep that are perfect for kids with fat thick toddler chubby feet. Wide kids shoes in Europe offers wide toe box shoes for toddlers where the soles are accurately measured and adjusted in any European sole factory. The measurements are taken directly from local children in European daycare's or schools to measure for soles for children's wide shoes, girls wide sandals, wide toddler sandals. Those soles are adjusted accordingly to the shoe size so bigger the sole wider the shoe. It is a time consuming process for every sole producer in Europe since measuring so many new soles offered every season is a task in itself. Not only they required to take correct measurements but also add orthopedic arch support directly into the sole of every model. When soles are made shoe arches are molded into the soles to offer a perfect foot support for a child. Rubber is a flexible material that contours into the foot arch, never goes flat and provides best support possible. When child is running, walking, jumping and wearing the shoes the arches inside never go flat even under pressure and constant wear.

There are 15 European companies that produce orthopedic soles for a
ll European shoe brands. Then they are purchased by various European shoe producers so they can assemble shoes on them. They request them with their logos, in many colors and widths. That way every company has a mix of narrow and wide soles in their collections. Therefore, you can rest assured that when you purchase genuine European orthopedic shoes for your child shoes with high arches will never diminish in the shoes and they will be there from beginning of the wear till child grows out of the shoes. This concept of the sole was officially accepted by European Orthopedic Ministry of Health since every European shoe factory is regulated by them to make sure they produce quality shoes only. The soles they produce have to be flexible and overlap the heel to provide optimal kids ankle support. Wide toe shoes for toddlers correct foot pronation, pigeon toes, bow legs and flat feet. Europe has done countless medical studies on those shoes and generations of kids grew up on them. They all grown up with well formed feet and best posture. It is all shoe related and what kind are you placing on your child. Cheap sneakers will destroy and deform their feet over time. Child will not grow out of pigeon toes, ankle pronation or tip toe walking or bow legs- it is not going to happen. There is no amount of AFO, SMO and orthodics that you can use and problem will not cure itself. Good footwear with orthopedic support is a key. Purchase from high instep kids shoes, toddler wide boots. We also offer kids double wide boots for those chubby, thick feet. Orthopedic high tops for kids are recommended by pediatricians in Europe since they truly the best shoes that you can buy for your child.