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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Grazia Gold

Buying first shoes for baby

Buying first shoes for baby
Those high top first baby walkers are simply the best
Stable, leather, high arches, heel supportive, high baby tops
Baby first ultra comfortable in them and learn how to walk in them
They are high in the back like baby high tops
Stable heel, high arches, best support for baby.
Heel is overlapsing the sole and that keeps feet aligned in a packet.
They provide optimal ankle support for a child that they truly do need it.
Good orthopedic arches are contoured into the soles of the shoes.
Rubber sole never goes flat so orthopedic arch stays present as it is located in the soles.
Anti sweat soles in them also, so no smelly, sweaty shoes for a child ever.
Perfect to wear them with no socks in a summer or with socks in a Spring.
Lovely gold color and style for baby girl.
Soft with supported leather back - will not bend in the back
Will keep the heel supported at all times
Soles bend well as they should.
Baby first orthopedic walking shoes.
Truly one of a kind lovely orthopedic baby shoes.
Manufactured in Serbia out of quality leather and according to high orthopedic standards set in Europe.

Shoes with high back support for a child

Soft walking high tops for a child


Nancy Perry, CA  -  27/12/2019

Great quality and gold! We love them, good fit on them as well.

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