Toddler green sneakers good arch soft soles

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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Jurgi Brown

Good shoes for toddler high arch support.
European made soft and adorable toddler sporty arch sneakers.
Child will learn how to walk and stand in those cool arch sneakers.
The arch support best arch shoes feature flexible, anatomic soles.
Arch is actually added to the sole of the model as arch shoes from Europe are never flat.
They support ankles, feet, posture with arch inside that it is added to the sole of the model.
Rubber never goes flat so that supports kids feet to the fullest.
White and brown leather and manufacture in Serbia according to European high orthopedic standards.
High arch inside for a young walker.
None sweat soles inside, even if worn with no socks.
Gray rubber sole flexible that you cab bent them in a ball.
They support kids ankles well to perfection as support is absolute best for kids feet.
Perfect all around arch sneakers, your toddler will like them as they are soft with profiled soles.

Child learning to walk and stand sneakers

Good sneakers for a toddler


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