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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Juss Blue

Pronation corrective boots for child

Ankle high leather boots for a boy.
Navy leather decorated with a star.
Ankle high, orthopedic arches present
Antibacterial innersoles inside
Reinforced heel support effective for pronation.
Manufactured in Serbia out of best leather.
Ultra soft and flexible model for a boy.
The boots are also waterproof so ok to wear them in a rain.
Type of a shoe that every child should wear as they support their feet.
Will never sweat in those shoes as they absorb sweat from the feet.
Shoes shape and mold kids feet thus very important that they wear best shoes
Child need supportive shoes to wear at all times since their feet form to quality shoes they wear.

Over pronation toddler shoes.

Excellent leather orthopedic shoes


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